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What Is Express Insurance?

Express Insurance specializes in finding affordable Columbus auto insurance rates.  As an We represent multiple top-rated insurance companies rather than just one.  This gives us the ability to shop around on our clients behalf to find the best deal. We are proud to serve the residents of the Greater Columbus, Ohio region along with the rest of Ohio for all their insurance needs.

What products does Express Insurance offer?

At this time Express Insurance offers a wide range of both personal and commercial insurance products.

Where is Express Insurance Located?

Express Insurance has offices both in Ohio and Michigan. Our local office is in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Do you offer monthly payment plans?

Many of the auto insurance companies that we represent offer monthly payment plans.

Can you insure me if I have a DUI?

Yes.  Most auto insurance companies will cancel or non-renew your auto insurance after a DUI.  At Express Insurance we have several companies that we can place you with even if you have a DUI on your record.

Can you insure high risk drivers too?

Quite simply, YES! We help people on a daily basis whether they have a perfect driving record or not so perfect.  High risk auto insurance policies are designed for drivers that have been categorized as high risk by the majority of auto insurance companies. There are many reasons that a company could classify you as a high risk driver.  The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Too many tickets or accidents
  • Lapse in car insurance coverage
  • SR22 financial responsibility
  • DUI / DWI offense
  • Bad Credit

How can Express Insurance help me?

Express Insurance can help you find affordable car insurance when others can't.  Most insurance agencies are unable to help you if you have been classified as high risk.  The companies they represent are simply unwilling to insure people that meet this classification. This isn't the case for us.  We specialize in helping people in your situation find the lowest price available.  Our agency represents multiple insurance companies that understand people make mistakes and they are more forgiving.  We will compare car insurance rates at all the companies we represent to find a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

How can I get a quote?

Our goal is to make shopping for high risk auto insurance as quick and painless as possible.  With that in mind we offer 2 convenient ways to get a quote.  If you prefer to speak with a live representative you can reach us at (614) 328-5472.  The other option is to start an online quote right here on your website.

  • Tickets, Acccidents, No Prior

    Too many tickets, accidents, or a lapse in car insurance? We’ve got you covered.  We can help you find a plan that meets your budget.

  • Low Down Payment

    We realize that auto insurance isn’t the only bill you have to pay. It is our goal to find a low down payment option for each client.

  • Monthly Payment Plans

    Many of the carriers we represent offer convenient monthly payment plans to help you better manage your finances.

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